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Dental Dimensions is the official quarterly publication of the San Fernando Valley Dental Society (SFVDS).  Submissions from members are welcomed and encouraged.

 As the official publication of the SFVDS, the publication seeks to keep members up–to-date and informed on the latest news and information concerning the society, the practice of general and specialty dentistry, and its members. 

 The editor is appointed by the President and is confirmed by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.


             President’s, Editor’s and Executive Director’s Messages

             Recap of recent CE Courses presented

             Upcoming CE Courses

             Legislative Update

             Committee Updates

             CDA Updates

            New Member Page

             Member Profile

             Dental Science

             Tips on Maintaining the Health and Well Being of Members

             SFVDS’ Community Involvement

             Guest Material (Legal, Practice Management, HR, Risk
                           Management, etc)

             Vendor Profiles

             Display Advertising

             Classified Advertising


             Winter Issue - Mails February 1

             Spring Issue - Mails May 1

             Summer Issue - Mails August 1

             ​Fall Issue - Mails November 1


The San Fernando Valley Dental Society and its editor reserve the right to reject any editorial copy or advertising not deemed appropriate for its professional audience of licensed dentists.  All decisions of the Society and its editor are final.


Editor:  Shukan Kanuga, DDS, MSD                             818.346.6282     

Associate Editor, Anita Rathee, DDS, MPH                     818.348.8898 

Executive Director: T. Andris (Andy) Ozols, MA, MBA      818.576.0116

Sales Coordinator:  Wendy Abrams                                  818.576.0116



 The San Fernando Valley Dental Society (SFVDS) is the region’s professional association of dentists who are also members of the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association .  SFVDS members practice within the northernmost borders of Los Angeles County, spanning an approximate area from Agoura in the west, to Glendale to the east, and from the southern-most points of the San Fernando Valley of Sherman Oaks/Burbank to the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys (including Lancaster and Palmdale) to the north.  As of 2017, the society has nearly 1400 members.


  Dental Dimensions accepts and encourages articles for publication by members, subject to editorial discretion.  Non-members and vendors are welcome to submit articles as well, but will be reviewed under stricter editorial discretion.  All submissions are only considered for publication on a space available basis.

 Articles should fit into one of the  areas of editorial content described in the Editorial Profile section of this tab, and should be kept to a maximum of 600 words with a photo, or 800 words without a photo unless prior authorization has been granted by the editor.

 Articles and questions may be directed to the editor, Dr. ​Shukan Kanuga, at 818.​346.6282, or by email to shukandds@gmail.com your idea and interest in publication to the editor.

 As Dental Dimensions is a professional journal for members of the SFVDS, content must be of relevance to practicing dentists, verifiable, in good taste and enhance the practice of dentistry to the greater San Fernando Valley Community.  The editor retains the right to accept or reject any submissions for any reasons whatsoever, in the sole discretion of the editor.