On this page you will find a listing of our standing committee chairpersons, by the committee on which they serve and direct, as well as a brief description of the committee's function.

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Executive Committee

Chairperson - Philomena Oboh, DDS

It is the duty of this committee to:

a. supervise the work of the Executive Director;

b. review the agenda for meetings of the Board of Directors;

c. act in liaison between this Society and the State Association;


By-Laws Committee

Chairperson - Mark Amundsen, DDS

The Bylaws Committee reports to the Board of Directors all proposed amendments to the Bylaws, with its recommendations for approval or disapproval.

Whenever any question of interpretation of the Bylaws shall be raised, it shall be referred to the Bylaws Committee in writing. The committee shall consider the question and give its decision in writing. The interpretation made on the decision shall govern until the disputed Bylaw is redrafted and has been approved by the general membership as an amendment to the Bylaws.



Chairperson - Anette Masters, DDS

It is the duty of this committee to:

a. continuously encourage and stimulate membership of all eligible dentists;

b. process all membership applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.


Antelope Valley Membership Liaison

Chairperson - Gilbert Snow, DDS

While not a committee per se, this liaison position is crucial to the efforts of the San Fernando Valley Dental Society to include members from the Antelope Valley area of our component jurisdiction in all society events, information available and benefits. The liaison acts as the society's representative in the Antelope Valley and coordinates society activities such as local CE meetings, donated dental services to children and adults, and member socials. d. make recommendations on matters referred to it as well as matters it initiates.


Committee on the New Dentist

Chairperson - Sean Sakhai, DDS

This committee's responsibility is to insure that those members defined as new professionals (less than 10 years in practice) have their professional needs met by the SFVDS. The coordination of services such as networking opportunities, CE credits, practice management, office permitting under government regulations, office staffing sources, etc are among the services and information this committee is responsible for providing to new dentists


Council on Dental Health

Chairperson - Irubiel Barbosa, DDS

The Council on Dental Health is charged with the responsibility of maintaining a comprehensive program of dental health education for the community in which SFVDS members practice. This committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning public service programs that will increase the volunteer involvement of the membership in the San Fernando Valley Dental Society component jurisdiction's community health programs. This committee also supervises activities and formulates policies and procedures that will advance the society's public relations and approves all dental health education materials released to the public in the name of or identified with the San Fernando Valley Dental Society. The committee will also act in liaison with local, state and governmental agencies, and private entities in the promotion and advancement of dental health.


Council on Dental Practice

Chairperson - Mike J. Bromberg, DDS

It is the duty of the Dental Care Committee to:

a. promote the prepaid care policies adopted by the California Dental Association;

b. educate the membership concerning prepaid and governmental care programs;

c. act in liaison with the California Dental Association and other components in prepaid and government care programs.


Ethics Committee

Chairperson - Taline Kotchounian, DDS

It is the duty of the Ethics Committee to:

a. Investigate all complaints against members referred to it by the Board of Directors or Secretary and, where possible, resolve them. When an adjustment cannot be made, the committee shall report its findings to the Board of Directors;

b. consider all proposed changes in the Code of Ethics and make recommendations to the Board of Directors;

c. educate the membership on the Code of Ethics;

d. prepare and maintain a written record of the opinion it renders;

e. be guided in its deliberations by the Code of Ethics of the California Dental Association and the Principles of Ethics and Judicial Procedure of the American Dental Association.


Legislation Committee

Chairperson - Gilbert H. Snow, DDS

It is the duty of the legislation committee to:

a. keep informed of proposed legislation affecting dentistry and public health;

b. disseminate information to the members of this Society pertaining to legislation which affects the public health or practice of dentistry;

c. maintain liaison and cooperate with appropriate legislative bodies of the California Dental Association.


Media Relations

Chairperson - Mahfouz Gereis, DDS

This committee's primary responsibility is the opening up and management of media opportunities for the benefit of the society's members. The committee is tasked with the responsibility to publicize SFVDS events and contributions to the oral health of those in the component's jurisdiction. The committee is also responsible for creating and maintaining a speakers bureau, whose members are available as speakers to other community groups, school health fairs, business groups, schoolchildren, etc.


Program Committee

Chairperson - Afshin Mazdey, DDS

It is the duty of this committee to arrange the programs for meetings of this Society and supply all necessary facilities for conducting such meetings. The Chairman shall furnish the Editor, for each official publication, such papers and other items of the program, as in his/her judgment, are of interest to the profession.


SFVDS Political Action Committee

Chairperson - Alan Taylor, DDS

This committee is charged with the responsibility of identifying candidates and issues that will come before the voters that the SFVDS should support through independent contributions to the committee by SFVDS members. The committee's primary focus is on county and municipal candidates and issues, leaving statewide and national efforts to the CDA and ADA.


SFVDS Foundation

(Chairperson) President - Philomena Oboh, DDS

This is actually not a committee of the SFVDS, but rather, is its own 501 (C)(3) organization with the primary responsibility of raising funds and supporting the community service programs of the SFVDS. It has a separate board of directors from the SFVDS, though most members are also members of the SFVDS board of directors as well. As of October, 2010, the application for tax-exempt status with the IRS is pending, with approval expected sometime in late spring, 2011.