Our Board of Directors

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​Doctors names and board of directors position titles are found below.

Top to bottom, Left to right:

Chi Leung, DDS, President
Michael Whang, DDS, President-Elect
Philomena Oboh, DDS, Treasurer
Emad Basali, DDS, Secretary
Mahfouz Gereis, DDS, Immediate Past President

Mojgan Shokri, DDS. Editor
Gib Snow, DDS, Antelope Valley Liaison
Mark Amundsen, DDS,  By Laws Chair
Sean Sakhai, DDS, New Dentist Chair
Mike Bromberg, DDS, Council on Dental Practice Chair

Taline Kotchounian, DDS, Ethics Chair
Nita Dixit, DDS, Leadership Development Chair
Jorge Alvarez, DDS, Legislation Chair
Afshin Mazdey, DDS, Media Relations Chair
Anette Masters, DDS, Membership Chair

Alan Lewis, DDS, Peer Review Chair
Anita Rathee, DDS, Member-at-Large
Mahrouz Cohen, DDS, Member-at-Large
Michael simmons, DMD, Member-at-Large
Mehran Abbassian, DDS, Member-at-Large

Ted Feder, DDS, Member-at-Large
Irubiel Barbosa, DDS, Council on Dental Health Chair
Neil Sangani, DDS, Digital Media Chair
Marilyn Hopkins, DDS, Foothills Area Liaison
Alan Taylor, DDS, Political Action Chair

Karin Irani, DDS, Trustee to CDA
Martin Courtney, DDS, Trustee to CDA