Starting in 2009, the San Fernando Valley Dental Society collaborated with the other four dental societies in Los Angeles County to help the international relief organization, Remote Area Medical (RAM), to provide dental services to thousands upon thousand of low income, homeless, indigent and unemployed Los angeles area residents.  many of these people had recently "fallen through the cracks," victims of the deep recession that started in 2008.

In August, 2009, the RAM clinic set up at the Inglewood Forum and the five LA County dental societies recruited more than 450 member dentists to provide free services to the neediest in our communities.  In May, 2010 RAM came back to LA and set up at the LA Sports Arena, and again, the five LA County dental societies recruited a like amount of dentists to provide volunteer dental services to those willing to wait in line.

In 2011, the program name was changed to Care Harbor and is managed and operates independently from the RAM organization.

In each of the past four years, our member dentists saw and treated more than 3,000 patients, performing more than 14,500 patient services, including more than  2,000 extractions, 5,000 fillings and nearly 2,000 oral health examinations and cleanings per event.  Over the course of the two years we have participated and helped, that means the five LA County dental societies provided free dental care to more than 6,00 patients, performed more than 29,000 patient services, including more than 4,000 extractions, 10,000 fillings, and nearly 4,000 cleanings and exams!

Now, in 2014, the program has changed hands and is now operated by the California Dental Association's charitable foundation and is now called CDA Cares.

The next free clinic is scheduled for November 20-23, 2014 at the Pomona Fairgrounds and San Fernando Valley Dental Society members will be deeply involved in that project.  You may contact the dental society after September1, 2014 for additional information.


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