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While contact information and a wide variety of links are provided throughout this website, on this page, we also wanted to provide a one-stop shop for all the names of our leadership and office staff so that you may contact us with your comments or questions. NOTE: In order to protect our doctors and staff from unwanted emails and spam, we have developed the form a the bottom of this page for you to use when contacting us. If your communication is directed at a specific individual, please be sure to include that name in the 'comments' section. NOTE: AS OF SEPTEMBER, 2013, THIS FUNCTION HAS BEEN DISABLED DUE TO EXCESSIVE SPAM. PLEASE CALL THE CENTRAL OFFICE AT 818.576.0116 TO REACH US.

9205 Alabama Avenue, Ste B
Chatsworth,  CA 91311

Phone - (818) 576-0116

Fax - (818) 576-0122

Board of Directors


Dr. Nita Dixit
Dr. Mahrouz Cohen
Dr. Michael Simmons Treasurer
Dr. Anita Rathee Secretary
Dr. Afshin Mazdey
Immediate Past-president
Dr. Anita Rathee
Editor – Dental Dimensions
Dr. Martin Courtney
Bylaws Chair
Dr. Myron Bromberg
Dental Care Chair
Dr. Mark Amundsen
Ethics Chair
Dr. Gerald Gelfand
Leadership Development Chair
Dr. James Mertzel
Legislative Chair
Dr. Jorge Alvarez
Media Relations Chair
Dr. Karin Irani
Membership Chair
Dr. Susan Jarakian
Committee on the New Dentist Chair
Dr. Afshin Mazdey Program Chair
Dr. Alan Lewis
Peer Review Chair
Dr. Ted Feder
Dr. Virginia Hughson-Otte Member-at-large
Dr. Harry Markarian Member-at-large
Dr. Mehran Abbassian
Dr. George Maranon
CDA Trustee
Dr. Gary Herman
CDA Trustee
Dr. Gilbert Snow
Liaison to Antelope Valley
Dr. Chi Leung
Liaison to Glendale/Foothills Region
Dr. William Slavin
Well Being Chair
Central Office Staff
Mr. T. Andris (Andy) Ozols
Executive Director
Ms. Wendy Abrams
Member Events Coordinator
Ms. Mariela Penate (Bella)
Admin Assistant/Membership Svces


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