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Attention Members

Annual election season is here and the board has recommended a slate of candidates.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the 2018 slate of candidates and how you may nominate another member.


Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Dental ​Society!

Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Dental Society Web Site. I am the 201​8 President, Dr. Gib Snow.  Our society is one of the largest components of the California Dental Association (CDA) and the American Dental Association (ADA).

The San Fernando Valley Dental Society is also proud to operate our own  foundation which provides community oral health services to the underserved, low/no income populations within our jurisdiction.

Our membership boundaries extend from the Santa Monica Mountains on the South; as far west as the Ventura County line in the Conejo Valley; East  through the entire San Fernando Valley to Eagle Rock and the Los Angeles River; and North through the entire Antelope Valley including Palmdale and Lancaster. The Society has 1​400+ member dentists, offering both general and specialty dental services.

 component boundary

We are the sixth largest component in the State of California and larger than 26 of the 50 state dental associations within the American Dental Association.

The San Fernando Valley Dental Society also supports a charitable foundation and a political action committee, for more information to either ​constituent ​click ​corresponding link​ below:
               Politcal Action Committee

Please also take a moment to view our recently created television commercial by clicking on this link  "View Our Commercial" .


Simply click the picture above, log in and ​a portion of every purchase you make will go to help the SFVDS Foundation.

The SFVDS now has a meeting space​ ​available to rent.

Click here for details Rental Facilities

Board Room

classroom view

View our Foundation video showing the great community service work of our member doctors

View our

 2016 SFVDS Foundation Gala Video 

with voiceover by Dr. Art Dugoni 

Winter, 201​8 Issue

(click ​on the image)

  Winter Cover


Annual Elections*

Ballot Recommendations of the SFVDS Board of Directors

Issued to the SFVDS membership on March 26, 2018



President                                                       Mahfouz Gereis, DDS

(Effective for 2019 Board term)


President-elect:                                             Chi Leung, DDS

(Effective for 2019 Board term)


Treasurer:                                                        Michael Whang, DDS

(Effective for 2019 Board term)


Secretary:                                                         Philomena Oboh, DDS

(Effective for 2019 Board term)


CDA Trustee:                                                     Karin Irani, DDS

(Effective for 2019-2021 term)

 CDA House Of Delegates, Delegates:       

(Effective at close of 2018 CDA HOD)                 Philomena Oboh, DDS

                                                                             Mahfouz Gereis, DDS

                                                                              Ted Feder, DDS

                                                                              Sean Sakhai, DDS

 CDA House Of Delegates Alternate Delegates:               

(Effective for 2018 CDA HOD only)                Jorge Alvarez, DDS                    Emad Bassali, DDS

                                                                        Michael Simmons, DMD             Mark Amundsen, DDS

                                                                        Shukan Kanuga, DDS                 Michael Rabizadeh, DDS

                                                                        Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS           Alan Lewis, DDS       

                                                                        Anette Masters, DDS                  Nita Dixit, DDS

                                                                        Rozheh Babaan, DDS                       

 *  The SFVDS Board of Directors has set the date of the 2018 election as June 08, 2018.  The ballots for this  election will be posted on the SFVDS website ( on May 25, 2018 and individual ballots will be e-mailed to all members for whom the dental society has an email address.  Member ballots must be received at the central office between May 25 and June 08, 2018.

 Special Notice to Members:  Additional nominations for any office to be voted upon in the forthcoming election may be made by petition.  Such petition shall be filed in the central office any time after the publication of the names of the nominees chosen by the board of directors and until 5:00 P.M. 30 days prior to the date the ballots are to be e-mailed and posted on the web site (April 24, 2017). The petition shall set forth the name of the person or persons nominated, the office for which nominated, and shall bear the signature of twenty-five (25) members of this society entitled to vote.  The central office staff shall note on each petition the date and hour at which such petitions are received.

Candidates nominated by petition shall be listed in order received on the ballot, following the names of persons recommended by the board of directors. 

Upcoming Events: